At Wellington Bladeworks I believe that sole authorship is an exercise in honesty. With this in mind I draw on my 20 years of experience as a multi-disciplinary master craftsman to produce each part of every knife, including an accompanying bespoke leather sheath. Occasionally a collaboration will occur, but only where a specific process is required to accomplish additional adornment, such as hand engraving.

Each knife begins life as the germ of an idea; or perhaps a grain of sand in an Oyster shell! Starting with a line drawing, I then bring together the optimum steel, fixings and handle materials as dictated by the style and intended utility of the knife. Sometimes a knife is conceived only for its own sake and sometimes I work with the client to fulfil their specific needs through a custom order. 

At Wellington Bladeworks I am devoted to creating the finest knives, in my signature style, for you. Why not get in touch and tell me why custom knives are special to you.

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